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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile interface: SalesBook is an APP which helps any seller- be it a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer to have their DIGITAL CATALOGUE and TAKE ORDERS from customers or GIVE ORDERS to suppliers in a very easy and convenient way - in a single click. The mobile app provides you product and schemes/offer updation, customer & supplier order reports, customers & suppliers ledger and team/staff management.

Web interface: is an extension of the SalesBook mobile app for any backend operations such as view order reports, orders and other reports, view and edit product updates, delivery status update, ledger updates etc. by back office/ accounts or any other team members.

You can:

    You can:

  • Create a digital catalogue of your products and schemes / offers on products.
  • Add all team/staff/employees and give them access control.
  • Add all your customers and TAKE ORDERS from them.
  • Add all your suppliers/ vendors and GIVE ORDERS to them.
  • Maintain ledger/ khatabook for all your customers and suppliers/ vendors- all at one place.
  • Get reports & regular updates of your current and past business and historical data with a single click.
  • Send payments reminders to your customers.

SalesBook App helps you focus on your core business and multiply your cash flow

  • We provide a web and app interface alongwith the entire ecosystem of order management & ledger account/ khatabook etc.
  • Your information is secure and safe with us-> it will only be visible to the customers you have added and customers whose 'Add request' has been accepted by you.
  • You grow through your existing and new business network- whether customers, suppliers or staff.
  • You can save on additional marketing & promotion expenses to promote your business with digital catalogue and 24x7 order management system .
  • The biggest advantage: You know the complete due amount of a customer/ supplier alongwith complete details of orders (with payment status).

Current scenario- Typically buyers calls or WhatsApp, send email to sellers. Then the seller has to get into an inefficient and time consuming process which introduces a lot of headache and slippages. Pen & paper process also has its own challenges.

SalesBook makes the process completely smooth & efficient. Everything is on One single App- no pen & paper, phone call/ WhatsApp, emails and re-work to digitise orders again. This makes real time order processing and communication which saves a lot of time, iimproves delivery and the entire process faster, efficient and transparent. The final result is tremendously improved cash flow and business growth.

  • Buyers can GIVE ORDERS at any point of time to suppliers.
  • Sellers can TAKE ORDERS & get real time order details which the buyers create.
  • Seller's back-office team can process orders faster, better and deliver to the buyer quicker which greatly improves cash flow.
  • Seller updates product changes in real-time-> buyers get to know immediately.
  • Buyers get regular updates on payment details & payment dues.

Add Customers:

  1. Click on add customer.
  2. Select mobile number from contact list / enter manually.
  3. Add business name and submit.

Add Suppliers / Vendor:

  1. Click to add supplier/ vendor.
  2. Select mobile number from contact list / enter manually.
  3. Add business name and submit. Supplier / Vendor is added.

Add Staff:

  1. Click to add team/ employee/ staff.
  2. Select mobile number from contact list / enter manually.
  3. Select the access control you want to give and submit. Staff/ Employee/ Team is added.

Step 1 Product Category: Click on + button on App home page -> select Add Product and Define product categories right down upto 3 layers (3 layers are not mandatory) Category, Sub-category, Sub-sub category for eg. Clothing => mens =>shirt

Step 2 Product: Click on Add Product-> Enter product details alongwith photos -> Submit
Do bulk upload from web interface

At anytime you feel the need, please speak to SalesBook support representative on +91 8080 599 599 (9 am to 9 pm) to help you with the entire process.

When you get a call from a customer, just open SalesBook app -> click on customer name and start with TAKE ORDER


Once you add the customer, the customer will get a notification to download the app. The customer can download the app and start with GIVE ORDER


Inform you customer to download the app and start with GIVE ORDER

Yes you can modify anytime before your bill generation.
Go to My orders-> click on customer order-> through the edit option, you can make the necessary changes and process the order before you generate the bill.

Yes, you can -> Once you process your customer order, your order will automatically be added to the customer ledger account and you can update if any payment is received through cash, cheque or online mode anytime. The same ledger / khata entry of order details, order amount, payment amount and any due balance will be visible to the customer as well on SalesBook app.

Manual order: Any order not generated on SalesBook can be added manually through SalesBook ledger. Any payment accepted through cash, cheque or online can also be added manually to the customer's ledger.

Yes, you can send SMS, WhatsApp & Notification reminders whenever you want to every single customer.

Yes, we are humans and would love to speak with you. You can call us or send a whatsapp chat on +91 8080 599 599. You can also email us [email protected]

As a customer, you can have UNLIMITED suppliers/ vendors added to your list without any cost. As a Seller, you can add UNLIMITED products, digital catalogues, Suppliers, Team members. You can serve 10 customers completely FREE with all features. We would love to support you to grow your business digitally in a SAFE, SECURE & TRANSPARENT APP. Serve all your customers at a very nominal price. Click here for more details.

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No. Current version of the App focuses on important features, process efficiencies and order management without disturbing your existing system of payment process between you and customers.

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